Play The Part - Role Play Adult Costumes

Adult role play costumes fall on that side of the lingerie spectrum that most couples do not explore. They do so out of various misconceptions and reservations like:

  • Not your style

People often give the reason that adult role play costumes are beyond the limits of regular sexual activity and therefore not really their style.

  • Uncomfortable

Some people have personal inhibitions where they feel like they cannot pull off something erotic or raunchy like an adult role play costume.

  • Partner’s discomfort

Still others cite the reason of their partners’ potential discomfort at the idea. They shudder away from trying for fear of what their partner might think about the idea.

Well, it may help to know that adult role play costumes are very much in the purview of regular sexual activity. All they do is break the monotony and add a pinch of much- needed spice to your sex life. As for feeling uncomfortable, adult role play costumes are designed to highlight the best assets of your body so that you are filled with confidence to represent yourself seductively and leave your partner gaping. Now, if it is your partner’s feelings that you are unsure of, talking the matter over may be a good idea. Making them privy of your intention to experiment shall help you win their trust and warm them up to the idea. And who knows, if they had been feeling shy themselves and may even thank you for bringing it up!

Now that all your major reservations have been tackled, here are some advantages to make sure that you are sold on the idea:

  1. Add a bit of spice

Adult role play costumes give you the freedom to step out from your usual routine and try out whatever your heart pleases. The introduction of a new, exciting element to your sex life is sure to turn up the exhilaration for both you and your partner. 

  1. Reignite the fire

If you have together for while, it is quite obvious that you would have become too used to the regular motions in the bedroom. This may get boring at times and call for something exciting to reignite the fire of your love for your partner. Adult role play costumes can do just the trick as they introduce an element of surprise and unpredictability, something that you relationship may desperately be looking for.

  1. Explore fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies but they do not necessarily get a chance to indulge them. Adult role play costumes can be an excellent way to carry out these fantasies in the safety and comfort of your partner’s company. These costumes let you be anything that you want- a hunky superhero, a sultry princess, a seductive fire fighter or a naughty teacher- and explore the depths of your long-nurtures sexual fantasies. Your partner shall also be delighted to be able to join in fulfilling these desires, which shall bring you closer as a couple and improve your sex life.

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