6 Adult Costumes to Set Fire to Your Imagination and Bedroom

Why be yourself every night of the week, when you can be a seductive superhero or a provocative police officer or raunchy French maid? Fantasies are an important part of our sexuality and indulging in role play can lead to not only steamier sex but also a better relationship with your partner. Abandon your identity and let your imagination run wild while indulging in risqué role play with your lover. Exploring your intense fantasies that may seem forbidden with these 6 adult costumes can definitely ignite your passion in the bedroom:

1. Provocative police officer

Slip into a sexy cop costume and manhandle your man into submission. Bend over your convict and reveal your sultry cleavage and your bootylicious body-and discipline your when he crosses the line. Adding props like a baton and hand cuffs to your attire can make it official that you’re going to dominate his fantasies and the bedroom.

2. Seductive Superhero

We are all children at heart and no one can say no to jumping into bed with their favorite superhero. Pick your lover’s favorite superhero movie and dress up and play out his or her secret fantasy of being ‘saved’ from the bad gut and then ravished. Popular role play costumes for women include Wonder woman, Lara Croft, Bat woman and Cat woman, whereas for men it is Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

3. Raunchy Maid

Slip into a sexy French maid costume and make the kitchen your naughty zone by raiding the fridge for some whip cream and strawberries and make good use of the counter tops! Show off your luscious legs and bodacious body while cleaning your guy in a sultry way.

4. Getting your animal on

Every man loves the idea of being an animal in bed, full of passion and wanton lust. Don an animal costume and ‘play’ like wild animals in the bedroom. Earn your stripes in bed by growling with desire, chasing each other and devouring each other with lust. Don’t be afraid to pounce on each other and nuzzle each other while having animalistic sex and having fun! 

5. BDSM fun

With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, people are more willing to explore this unchartered sexual territory. Slip into the role of a dominant or submissive one; get your hands on some bondage gear like cuffs, collars and a fetish costume and reveal your kinky side in the bedroom. Adding some leather corsets and whips in the bedroom can intensify pleasure and foreplay, all night long.

6. Tempting Porn star

All you need is some sexy lingerie and the will to get down and dirty and drive your man wild in front of the camera. Being a porn star for a night can not only be fun in the moment but also help you relieve your naughty times when you aren’t with each other. Record your wild night on your smart phone and know that your partner is definitely giving you a five star review.

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