Your Alluring Little Secrets - G String Panties

If you are bored with the granny panties that dominate your wardrobe and want to jazz things up a bit, lingerie like sexy G-strings and panties may just be the way to go. But there are many prevalent  misconceptions that keep women from opting for these. So, let us end all of those, once and for all:

  1.       ‘Harsh on the skin’

Women often do not opt for lingerie because they fear that the frills and laces used shall be rough on the skin and cause abrasion. Well, the reality is quite the opposite because the materials used for lingerie are chosen keeping in mind skin-friendliness. Since they are worn around some of the most delicate skin on the body, all fabric including the adornments used are easy on the skin.

  1.       ‘Uncomfortable and impractical’

It is a popular misconception that lingerie is uncomfortable to wear. On the contrary, it is quite easy to carry as it supports and fits just like regular innerwear, without its shortcomings- it does not ride up, does not show against clothes, can be worn with all sorts of clothes and for any occasion.

Another issue that some women have against lingerie is that it is impractical and cannot be incorporated into everyday wear. However, the fact is that from the wide range of lingerie available, you can pick the one that suits you and your lifestyle best. They are designed to be worn easily and not hard to maintain, which contributes to their idealness for everyday use. You can conveniently wear it to office under a skirt or to a part under a tight mini dress and it would do an excellent job of supporting you as well as helping you avoid unsightly panty lines that would be hard to avoid with regular panties.  

  1.       ‘Difficult to maintain’

When women think lingerie, they dread the task of caring specially for these delicate pieces that are crafted in ornate embroidery with fine lace and satin. In reality, however, lingerie does not require so much fuss and is rather tough despite its delicateness, much like the women who wear them.

To increase the longevity of your lingerie and maintain its brand- new condition, it is enough to wash them with hand, with regular detergent and cool water. You do not have to brush- clean them or put in too much physical effort. You do not even need to wring them. Simply leave them out on the clothes line to air- dry.

  1.       ‘Lingerie is good only for sexy-times with your partner’

Who says? You can get some sexy lingerie to please yourself as it makes one feel sexy and boosts their confidence. Also, lingerie manufacturers today have gone off the beaten path and incorporated puns and tongue- in- cheek slogans that they very creatively incorporate into the design of the panties, making for a fun wear.

So, here are all your major lingerie myths busted that kept you from owning a pair of sexy pair of thongs or some flirtatious panties. Now, go ahead and update that wardrobe. 

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