Comfortable and Flirtatious: Women’s Panties and G-strings

It is not surprising to be left absolutely flummoxed at the sight of the wide variety offered by lingerie manufacturers for women’s panties and g-strings. Knowing your options may help you make an informed choice and select the innerwear that suits the occasion best.

  1. Thongs

A low- waist variety of underwear, they provide minimal coverage and are ideal for especially tight dresses in which any another type of panties would show lines. At the front, it forms a triangular patch, which can be decorated with embroidery, embellishments, lace or satin.

Several sexy varieties of thongs are available today that can be used to spice up your time with your partner:

  • Lace thongs, which are partly or entirely made of ornate lace patterns
  • Cut-out or strappy thongs that have sensual cut out designs or straps for fasteners that give them an altogether glamorous look
  • Embroidered thongs that have an intricate pattern embroidered at the triangular patch in the front.
  • Crotch less panties for when you feel especially naughty
  1. G-string

A still skimpier form of thongs is the G-string. As the name suggests, it has a single, thin string going around the back, which connects to the waistband to make the underwear. It is a popular form of erotic lingerie and a favourite among couples who want to bring in some heat to the bedroom.

Special versions of G-strings include:

  • Rhinestone-studded G-string, where the string is a set in rhinestones to add glamour
  • Pearl-string panties, where the string is made of pearls that also act as an erogenous element for the wearer


  1. Boy shorts

Unlike regular women’s panties, which are shaped in a V, boy shorts are designed after men’s innerwear in a rectangular fashion. They come down to the thighs and make for a comfortable wear, everyday. Another advantage with boy shorts is that they do not leave visible panty lines so they can be easily worn under tight clothes like dresses and loungewear or swimwear.

  1. Hipsters

These panties are called so because they are low-waist and hug the body at the waist. They have low- cut leg holes but fit rather comfortably and also provide ample coverage. With the added advantage of comfort, they make for ideal  daily wear under low waist clothes such as jeans and skirts. 

  1. Tanga

If you are looking for an underwear that can combine the sexiness of a thong with the comfort of French briefs, then answer is a tanga. These panties are designed to have more coverage at the back than thongs can provide but are still narrower than bikini bottoms, striking a great balance between style and comfort.

  1. Brazilian briefs

Brazilian briefs are sexy alternatives to everyday briefs. They sit on the butt cheeks rather than covering them completely and are available in several sexy cuts that you can pick from. The most popular one are those that either tie on the sides or are strappy slip-ons


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