2017 Lingerie trend alert – Wake up at least now

What’s all that sounds great about lingerie, is that the intimate underwear garments has been classified as classic beauty with great functionality, paving way for new trends every year. This is really one exciting year for lingerie. When you shop for lingerie regularly you would have realized it. Occasional lingerie shoppers many times end up buying something out of trend. For instance, florals were the hottest trend of lingerie in 2016 and continues to maintain the hot quotient. Yet, other styles have stepped above floral lingerie. Here is your guide to 2017 lingerie trend alert. Almost more than half of the year is gone, still it is better than too late than never.

Your innerwear as outerwear

Does it even exist? Sometimes (or even on the rarest of occasions) with some tricky and sexy outfits you cannot deny the fact your bra will pop out! So, it has become the necessity that you should go for accessorizing internally, simply the brassier to match, compliment and flatter your outfit. Apparently, it has given rise to the necessity, classy bars that are meant to show off.

Layer the innerwear as outerwear is a great way. Seeing a hint of lace strap or a peek out of the bra in a dangerously low cut neckline surely adds a lot of unique personality to your outfit.

More on fit and comfort, less on padding

More and more women prefer lingerie shopping to find something that fits them perfectly and gives ultimate comfort. Earlier, be it online lingerie shopping or shopping in the stores, many women had that throw-away mentality. “Anything is fine, I can get the thing with padded and pushup bras” – this was the older scenario. Now, the scenario has been changed. The key findings of lingerie shopping 2017 states women look for lingerie that are extremely comfortable, giving the natural fit for natural looking. For instance, unlined lingerie for seamless sexy look, embroidered cups to get the extra toast of naughtiness, luxurious, enjoyable as well as functional lingerie.

There are no more molded cups preferred by women. Although molded cups give that nice shape to the bosoms, women seek for comfort rather than looking fuller.

Embrace these trends now and don’t miss out on your next lingerie shopping

  •         Colors – it is all not about red and black. Soft shades are back again. Mint, orange, pink, coral and gold are the hottest colors. Of course, neutrals (in black and brown) are too giving tough competition to the soft shades. Bright shades are no longer seen in the race.
  •         When it comes to texture, embroidery tops the list of preference which is closely followed by lace (lace always has a place in the world of lingerie)
  •         Style means sheer and illusion.

Although these are trends, choose something that suits your own style and comfort level. Based on the current trends of lingerie you can literally come out and expand the lingerie shopping. If you have always been a neutral person, dip in the soft shades this year. If you hesitated to try pastels and constrained with red and black (of course the hottest lingerie shades) try out something in neutrals in different fabric. Expanding your lingerie collection is always fun and it certainly evolves your style. 

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