Your Lingerie says about your Love relationship and hopes

Most of us make subconscious decisions on many things. A few things comes easier. For a few things we constantly brainstorm and never come into a conclusion. One of those easy as well as tough decisions that we make is choosing what you wear underneath the clothes.

Why lingerie is so important? What you choose to wear, choose to reveal and choose to hide describes a lot about your love, relationship and hopes in love. You can literally wear sexy lingerie throughout the day when you prefer to be alone, making lingerie your intimate companion!

Let’s see what your choice of lingerie says about you.


White cotton

Lingerie appears too fancy (still!) for many girls and even women. They stick to the middle of being getting cozy to too old-fashioned in  cotton nightwear. Most girls evolve themselves and try to enhance the self image by trying the lingerie. White cotton lingerie is traditional, not too sexy, comfortable, and convenient and underplays quite a lot. It speaks about your desire to enjoy a traditional love life.


Body shapers

Body shapers come as a savior for many girls at many instances. It is quite versatile and simply holds your waist, belly and even thighs in good shape. Although being a bit chunky is loved recently, body shapers is mostly preferred by women who are slightly heavy. This is trendy and aids in altering your appearance. It indicates you are ready to alter and shows your desire for accepting. In simple terms, a man will love you the most because you are totally submissive and willing to please him.


Stockings, lace and garter belt

It’s not an easy decision for many women to go extra sexy and look wildly seductive (ready for the game) in stockings and garter belt. Sometimes a gawker don’t get the hint at your sex appeal and you push yourself a bit to add a layer to the sex appeal. If you are into this style of lingerie, it is a dramatic sense that drives you crazily for love. You certainly look for rebel and you are not a typical kind of women. Sometimes, you may get ignored and you will find it too difficult to attract love.



Wearing thongs for ladies come with  a lot of limitations. The provocative bottom is totally revealing! You are just trying to seduce your man to go an extra mile. Yet, your deepest desire is let your man set a limit and you are really looking for a romantic love affair. Besides, you are testing your man with your seductive looks!


Push-up bra and sexy undie

It’s honest attempt to boost your sex appeal and look at your best. It’s not about a false call, but authentic augmentation of your assets. To be more precise, it’s a self advertisement. So, it is not about deep love relationship.


Sports bra

Although it is not seductive lingerie, it gives a lot of sex appeal. If you are used to wear sports bra, you are likely to accept only healthy relationships in your world. No hook ups or commercial establishment.


Designer Lingerie

Lingerie is not really inexpensive. Designer lingerie costs more. When you are into designer and luxury lingerie, you look for a partner from a successful establishment. On the other hand, you will be an attractive and seducing partner. You never get bored wearing gorgeous lingerie for him and keep him elated. 

Wearing something as undergarment without caring anything about it is totally a different issue. Name it lingerie, you will see it in a different context. What’s your preference? What you love, it tells about your hopes in love.

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