Sizzling Lingerie Coluors to Seduce your Man


There are many ways girls adopt to show her love to him. Sometimes she wants to play love riddles; she wants to seduce him with touch of sensuality; she wants to play with her eyes; sometimes she speak it out and sometimes she reveal it through bodily expressions. If your relationship become monotonous, which lacks that natural lusciousness, make it more colorful with sizzling lingerie in hot colors. Turn on your man instantly with these provoking lingerie colors.

Mysterious black

Black wins with no peers when it comes to seducing your man. Black is powerful, hot and sexy. Yet, black may sometimes lack that zest especially when you always wear black lingerie. If you haven’t tried black lingerie, make it your first pick. If you already used to it, skip this and go for the next.



Hot Red

Next to black, red is the hottest lingerie color preferred by both men and women. Red is deep love, passion, excitement, hot, lusty, sexy and hardcore romantic.

Okay! I could hear you. Isn’t there anything other than red and black? There are many sizzling lingerie colors. These two colors are just staples and really works any time. Let’s move to audacious lingerie shades that seduce your man. Something like a Red Honeymoon nighty?


Flirty Pink

Pink is girly, romantic, feminine, mild, and soft, but not sexy!  You have to accept pink is not something you should rely on when shopping lingerie.

Yet, it sizzles in bedroom but only on one condition. If you are at the beginning of the relationship, go pink. It make wonders and can be an instant turn-on to see you in pink. Since girls are obsessed with pink, men doesn’t like it when you bring pink as your intimate partner. Its soothing shade, may not ignite your man who has some wild fantasies.



Purple isn’t a popular color when it comes to lingerie shopping. Hardly a few women buy purple lingerie  but they are the clear winners. Purple is royal, rich, vivacious and sexy! Men are easily drawn towards purple.  It has the perfect balance between getting too extreme and getting too feminine. It’s neither wild nor soft, but perfect for seducing and love making.



Blue is the typical men’s color. Men love women who wears blue. Blue lingerie is certainly something different and he will be seduced. Choose from the variety of blue shades that compliments your skin tone! 


Least preferred colors - Nude and semi-nude

Nude is the new black! Until a few years, nude was a big no-no for many men as it hides nothing. Too much skin show without hiding anything is a turn off. Choose the nude colors carefully that compliments your skin tone. It’s just like choosing the foundation. Pick the styles that comes with laces and accessories to add that sexy quotient.



White is not an appealing color. It is too plain, to sizzle your man. White is considered pure and many men don’t get the connection with the steamy hot lingerie.

Okay, this is the old-fashioned thoughts about white lingerie. The color white may be unappealing, but the fabric you choose enhances the sensuality. Choose shimmering white, sheer white, silky white and lacy white. Of course, just make sure white flatters your skin tone!

Well, we don’t recommend whites, semi-whites and nude lingerie for newlyweds, who are new into relationships. You can rekindle the relationship with satiny white lingerie and sizzle in the bedroom, perhaps after years!


Sexy Lingerie shopping? Don’t miss these colors.


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