Try Sexy Nighties for Enhanced Romance


Nighties are an essential part of a woman’s life, especially after the entire day’s hard work and hassle. A nightie should be relaxing, comfortable and last but not the least, sensual. Are you wondering why? Night is the only time, when you spend some quality time with your man. A Sexy Nightie will not only make you feel wonderful about yourself, but also will make your man compliment you and desire for you. After all, who does not want accolades, especially if they are coming from the most important person of her life?

Moreover, sexy nighties are a great resort to women, who are not comfortable with bold lingerie items and at the same time they want to look good and sexy in their men’s eyes. What would they do to look sexy? Erotic nighties are the panacea. These nighties come in different materials and the best part is, you can wear them with or without your bra and panty. Amazing, isn’t it?

Let’s start browsing them one by one:

Baby doll Nightie

As the name suggests, baby doll nightie look cute yet sexy. These nighties are made of silk or satin materials. Mostly these nighties are soft to touch and thus leave you with a feeling of mild caressing. Isn’t it already invoking an sexual energy in you?

The baby doll night gowns come with a length of upper thigh. Usually, they are attached with bra cups with a loose skirt falling to the thigh. These nighties are excellent choice for ladies, who have bigger breasts and need some support for the upper body.

When it comes to sexy baby doll nightie, we suggest you to try sheer ones. These are erotic and can be paired with your lingerie set for a perfect finish. The best choice for a bra and panty with such nighties is those, which are one shade darker.


Teddy Nightie

The teddy nighties come with a single piece with panty attached to trunk. Unlike the baby doll gowns, these nighties come with a length of waist or upper thigh. And for this reason, teddy nighties are a great choice, if you have amazing legs and want to flaunt them.

Teddy gowns are made of either silk or sheer material. It often comes with a skimpy panty. But it is, after all, your choice if you would wear them with those panties or without!



Peignoir is a Night Gown that reaches the ankles. As it is a long gown, you may be thinking that it cannot add to your sexiness. Well, how about a sheer peignoir with a matching robe? It would be extremely sexy and nothing would excite your man more when you would uncover the sheer inner. Try dark colors for your peignoir. You can wear bra and panty underneath, if you want to. But always go for a matching set, if you pair it up with lingerie pieces.


Try any one of them according to your requirements. Start Sexy Nightie Shopping here

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