Guide - How to Select Sexy Lingerie for Wedding Night

Sexy Lingerie for Wedding Night

The wedding gala is over! You looked like a princess on your D-day. You would have spent a lot of days, weeks and perhaps months in choosing that gorgeous wedding attire, deciding your bridal look and a lot just about your wedding. The next big thing comes here. Wedding night! Probably, you, being the prettiest in the crowd, all eyes were on you. Especially, your newly-wed man would have fixed his eyes on you. It’s not over and you should look at your best, carry a poise, charm and sexy appeal on your wedding night! 

Choosing the Lingerie for Wedding Night is not something like grabbing a satin night gown or white gown from the closet. So, what will you wear for the most important night of your life.


Your Body Shape

It’s number one in your list. Consider your body shape and choose the lingerie that flatters your shape. You would have probably worked out a bit to stay in good shape. Still, big or small bosoms, broad hips, broad shoulders, etc should be considered.


3Fs – Feminine, Flirty and Flattering

It’s just day one! Show up a lot of charm, grace and feminity in the flattering attire. Embrace your feminine appeal showing up a bit sexy. The lingerie should say, flirt with me directly! It’s more sensual than a direct call. Choose the flattering colors and styles. Go lacy, satiny, silky, feathery and frilly or all the above.


Make it Comfort But Something Special

You should be really comfortable in wearing lingerie for the wedding night. Just keep in mind nothing should go awkward on this romantic night. Don’t shop for anything that you hesitate a lot or feel out of comfort. It doesn’t mean you should wear that simple night wear or wear something in cotton! That’s a total mess than wearing wild lingerie. After all, the lingerie you worn on wedding night won’t count too much when it is totally ruined.

  • If you feel thongs are itchy, ignore it. Hope you know why.
  • If you are not too much into corset, don’t even think about it.


Splurge on the Lingerie

There are really a few instances where you can splurge on money and it’s totally worth. Buying Lingerie Online for wedding night is one of its kinds. Your husband neither really looking for a pole dancer nor a girl who married in her 40s and 50s to spend the first intimate night with you. Don’t be too skimp to shop lingerie. Invest in sophisticated stretchable lingerie and let him relish you every bit on the wedding night.


Don’t Go Overboard

Don’t go overboard with the lingerie on the wedding night. Play it safe carrying the touch of feminity on the first night.

If you already discussed about what to wear on the wedding night, ignore this. If he wants to see you hotter in raunchy lingerie, try out stockings and corsets.


A Few Pointers to Consider

  • No whites, nudes or ivory. Go bold in darker shades.
  • Don’t wear too tight or too loose lingerie. It should be perfect fit!
  • Lingerie colors and shape should accentuate your physique


Whether your wedding night happens on the same day you get hitched or a few days later, plan for the sexy lingerie for the wedding night. Wedding shopping isn’t over with something choosing trendy colorful and gorgeous outfits for various rituals. Don’t forget lingerie shopping for your wedding night.




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