Top 5 Ben Wa Balls for Tightening Your Pelvic Muscles

Ben Wa Balls Online in India


A lot of women rely on the effective use of Ben Wa Balls in India for multiple reasons. They are meant to rejuvenate your pelvic muscles. Moreover, they make your sex experience hotter. The Ben Wa Balls are known by other names, including:

  • Kegel Balls
  • Love Balls
  • Geisha Balls
  • Smart Balls
  • Venus Balls
  • Jiggle Balls
  • Orgasm Balls

Ben Wa Balls have different names but their purpose remains the same. Not only do they tighten up but strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which proves extremely beneficial for women’s health. They even heighten sensitivity in their vagina for the most amazing sex experience women are looking to. In addition, women use them for kegel exercising and they can also be used to stop leakage from the bladder post childbirth.

Below is a list of the best Ben Wa Balls that will take your sex life to another level.


1. Lelo Luna Beads

These are unquestionably are the most popular Ben Wa Balls on the market when it comes to getting the most out of the excitement. Available in a wide range of sizes as well as weights, which make them the perfect option not only for amateurs but intermediates.

If you want to feel wonderful, settle for no less than strong and long-lasting Lelo Luna Beads which come equipped with vibrations. They will serve you with the intense pleasure that you will not seek anything else. These Ben Wa Balls not only look sexy but their silicone material is simply as durable as stainless steel.


2. Kegel Ball Exercise Kit by Luxsire

A doctor recommends the Luxsire Kegel Ball Exercise Kit to every woman who is looking to stimulate their pelvic muscles. Once these balls are inserted into a woman’s vagina, they provide strength and stability in the pelvic region.

As a woman, you will find wearing them for hours extremely easy and comfortable. These Ben Wa Balls are known for inducing great sex making it hot every time.


3. Lovehoney BASICS Silver Jiggle Balls

Get the right pair of Ben Wa Balls - Lovehoney BASICS Silver Jiggle Balls, as they will allow you to take glance at what Ben Wa Balls are really like. If you are in a dilemma if you will like the sensation of pleasure beads, then settling for a reasonably priced pair will be the best bet. They are recommended to those women who are just beginning to these balls.

However, they cannot be compared with the best Ben Wa Balls - the Luna Beads by Lelo, as mentioned above. Not only do these Ben Wa Balls cost an arm and a leg, but they are reliable as well. In fact, they help you train your pelvic floor muscles.


4. Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, Fifty Shades

Made of solid metal, these Ben Wa Balls are heavy which clearly indicates that they are not meant for amateurs. If you have a strong vagina, these pleasure balls might prove to be the best Ben Wa Balls that will make you experience the most hotter sex.

Own the Lelo Luna Beads already? Then owning these balls is the smartest move you will make. They are the most wonderful addition to your collection of Sex Toys. You will feel these balls when you insert them into your vagina. They are enough to give you orgasms that will shake you to your knees.


5. Silicone Ben Wa Balls by Badboy

If there is one of the cutest sex toys for women, it has to be Silicone Ben Wa Balls. Resembling a flower, these balls will transform your pelvic exercise into a wonderful experience. If you are a beginner in Women Sex Toys, look no further than these kegel balls in India. They will make sexual intercourse the most amazing experience you ever had.

Many may have a perception that Ben Wa Balls look like Butt Plugs but the fact of the matter is that they go nowhere close to your butt. But the only place where they are inserted is a woman’s vagina.


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