Entice your partner with sizzling lingerie

Lingerie is no longer just for sleeping and underwear nowadays. They are now enticingly and seductively designed to fit another purpose, and that is to lure men. The ploy has been effective that is why it has been gaining popularity ever since. Here are some of the things you need to know about this sexy piece of clothing.

Why is wearing sexy lingerie important?

Wearing sexy lingerie is important in the art of seduction. Men fall prey to the enticing charm of a woman and what more if she is wearing a very sexy ensemble that’s meant for sexy nights in the bedroom. Women wear these kinds of material in bed because it makes them confident and feel sexy and it is very comfortable enough to sleep in too.

Types of lingerie

1. Teddy lingerie

The teddy lingerie is a kind of lingerie that covers the torso and the crotch. Some designs can be crotchless also for a variety of use. This is also a versatile kind of lingerie because it can be used as an undershirt in office or can be paired with a blazer. This applies to teddies with silk or satin-made torsos.

2. Bodystocking

The body stocking is a kind of lingerie perfect for those who are not comfortable to show a lot of skin. They may hide your flaws, such as a big tummy or stretch marks, successfully. It has a lot of unique designs which are all very beautiful and would really look great on almost anyone. The body stocking is also great for the woman who are not really into overly sexy garments.

 3. Nightwear and gowns

There is something sexy about flowing gowns of silk and satin. The lace ones are just as sexy and enticing. This is another type of lingerie that is perfect for women who wants to hide their unwanted curves and other imperfections. But even though it’s a loose kind of garment, it still is a sensual piece because of its usual revealing necklines. It is steamy enough to wear for your man.

4. Panties and G-string

Panties and G-strings are the lingeries that can stand all on their own, without any help from other types of lingeries, to get your man’s attention. It is just too sexy to handle. There will be no going out of the bedroom once you wear this thing.

5. Bikini and bra panty sets

This type of lingerie is essential to everyday wear, especially the bra panty sets. But it does not mean that you are going to be hung up on the traditional types for the rest of your life. There are now hundreds of different bra panty sets of every design, shape and color, you can choose from. The same goes with the bikini sets, there are bikini styles available that are extraordinary

6. Chemises and camisoles

This type of lingerie exudes an air of innocence and a mystery. The ones who usually wear these types are the brides on their wedding night. It is virginal with a little sexy side to it. The designs range from the most daring to the most conservative, you just have to choose what you find most comfortable to wear. They are made with super soft materials that make them ideal for sleepwear. But of course, you know that they are not only for sleeping.

The women of today feel more confident with their bodies now than they were decades ago. This is behind the reason why lingerie has grown more and more interesting, sexier and convenient. They are also much more accessible now than it was before, so there are no more excuses for you if you look dull in the bedroom.

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