Top 5 Types of Nipple Clamps for Beginners

Top 5 Nipple Clamps for Beginners


Looking to enjoy more intense orgasm during the wildest sexual intercourse? Make sure you include nipple play. Usually regarded as the one of the most important areas of a human body, nipples are not only often overlooked, but they are also deemed to be a crucial arousal area for both men and women. 

You may not be aware of the fact, but it’s true playing with, sucking, licking and kissing your partner’s nipples can lead to the orgasm you never thought could be achieved just with a little stimulation of tits. This is the reason why people use nipple clamps when indulging in a wild and passionate lovemaking session. 

So, when you get sexually aroused, you can feel your nipples becoming erect which makes you give all to your partner. Ever thought why do the nipples become erect? It’s because of a release of a hormone called ‘oxytocin’ in the body. Sometimes referred to as the ‘love hormone’, it is released when one’s nipples are being stimulated via the act of kissing, licking, touching or even pinching. Make the foreplay more interesting with a Naughty Dice and add some sexual flavour to it, aside from using the right nipple clamps. 

Being extremely easy to use, a lot of people from both genders make consistent use of nipple clamps and get the most out of them. While they are mainly used on the nipples, they may also be used on every part of the body, if you desire. These clamps can be connected to the nipple. 

Read on to find five different types of nipple clamps for newbies like you.


  1. Basic Clamps 

Nothing can seem more simple than considering the use of basic Nipple Clamps. These types of clamps can easily be adjusted. Moreover, they will spoil you for choice, as you can find them in a wide range of exciting colours. Choose the ones that go along with the colour of favourite panties. You can even provide a sexy contrast donning your birthday suit to leave your man speechless.


sexy nipple jewellery

  1. Jewelled Clamps 

Although nipple clamps are deemed to be a great accessory for all those seeking immense pleasure, don’t you forget their elegance makes them one of the most wanted accessories for a mind-blowing act of making love? 

Get the ornament nipple clamps with jewel accents which you can adjust without hassles. They give a boost to the jewellery feature. Go for the adjustable clamps to bestow your partner with real heavenly pleasure. Moreover, they will increase your sex appeal. Need we say more?


  1. Novelty Clamps 

If there is a type which is regarded perfect and unique for novices (if that’s what you really are), look no further than the chimera adjustable bell nipple clamps. These clamps are a perfect example of nipple clamps that one can easily adjust by a sliding portion. In fact, the low-pitched ringing of the bells will signal the beginning of your journey inflicted with pleasure and pain. What more could you possibly ask for?


  1. Contemporary Clamps 

Well, there is no end to the design ideas when it comes to choosing the best nipple clamps. Attaching them to your nipples will keep you much closer to achieving your desires, cravings or fantasies. They come across as a fine blend of pleasure and pain accompanied by the ultimate orgasm. Need we say more?


nipple clamp with vibrator

  1. Added Stimulation 

Looking to take a plunge into a pool loaded with some extra stimulation? Settle for no less than decorative clamps for your nipples. The fetish fantasy series rock hard nipple clamps come equipped with metal icicles that swing with each move your partner makes, which results in somewhat stimulation.


To make your lovemaking session more exciting, Buy Vibrator Online and use it on yourself to appear more tempting to your partner. Being one of the most preferred sex toys, choose the one that stimulates you deep inside. 

When you excite your partner’s nipples, it gives him or her sensations all over the body rather than fondling the sexual organs. There are, however, some people who are able to reach the climax just from playing with or being played with their nipples.




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