Flirty Chemises for Sexy Nights in Bedroom

One of the sexiest cross breed of lingerie is the chemise. It is actually a short dress that has the characteristics of a baby doll lingerie. It oozes with a lot of femininity. In a different way, it is also quite like the camisole but more sheer. This type of lingerie comes in a good amount of colors and designs adding sophistication to its appearance. Women usually wear this type of lingerie for their private moments with their partners. However, a chemise can also be used as a sleepwear and underwear.

When the chemise was introduced, it was meant to be used as underwear. Its’ main purpose is to absorb body oil, sweat and from staining the clothes worn. The main inspiration for the design was the tunic worn by Romans. In modern times, chemise are strictly worn by women as one of their underwear or sleepwear.

Women feel sexier when they use a chemise as an underwear or as sleepwear. A chemise is either made from satin, silk or the very comfortable cotton. The very alluring designs of chemise makes it a coveted form of lingerie that every woman wants to have in their closet. Chemises are enjoying a wide case of popularity today as more and more women want to grab at least one of these sexy lingerie. In the olden days, chemises were made by women in their homes and are alternatively called slips. Nowadays when you want to go lace lingerie shopping on the internet, there are a number of websites that offer the best types of chemises with different colors, designs and brands.


How chemise makes you sexy

Chemises express an element of mystery once you wear it. It is usually made loosely at the waist and hips and has an empire cut. The neckline shows an ample amount of cleavage because of its V-neck pattern. These are what makes the chemise, sexy. It is a garment that calls for a lot of attention and men fall victim to its sensual allure.


  • The chemise does not limit its purpose for seduction alone, they are also great as sleepwear. They are luxuriously soft and very comfortable to snuggle in bed with. They are made from the finest silk and satin and even lace, which is even sexier but gives you all the comfort.
  • They are erotic pieces of clothing, albeit a little low-key. But it effectively makes pulses race when it is worn. So, look forward to a fun night ahead.
  • One may choose in lace for a more revealing look. Chemises are classic pieces that will make you look elegant and stylish in bedroom. You can buy these timeless pieces through chemises lingerie shopping online which offers one-of-a-kind styles.
  • Enjoy a fun night in the bedroom with some animal printed chemises to show your animalistic abilities and surprise your man.
  • They are so simple and yet so feminine and alluring, that would still give you the appeal needed when it is time for some lovin’ in the bedroom.
  • Not only for the purpose of sexual seduction, but also for making you look and feel great about yourself. You do not need to only wear this during those sexy nights, but you can wear them every night, for yourself. Love yourself more and dress up for yourself too.


Types of chemises you can buy:


1. Halter style chemise

This kind of chemise has an open back, which is very sexy. Sometimes they are also made from mesh materials so that you bare a lot of skin. Some do not come with a bra and panty set, so get ready for the effects of such an outfit when you wear it.


2. Red sheer lace chemise with thong

This is another chemise that reveals a lot of skin, which is very enticing. It comes with a matching thong that peeks through the lace material giving you a perfect score for extra sexiness.


3. Chemise with a lace-up back

Some lace-up back chemises does not even get to the buttocks part, so a full view of your back side from behind can be seen with this garment. It is also body hugging to emphasize your curves.

4. Animal-printed chemise

Show your animalistic moves in the bedroom with this outfit. Create an environment that is creative and imaginative. He will be looking forward to nights like this.


Sexy chemise will make your nights extrasexy and full of fun, especially when those nights are shared with someone you love.

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