8 Underwear Guidelines for a Healthy, Happy Vagina

Underwear Rules for Happy Vagina


Your underwear stays in direct contact with your vagina and has certain impacts on vaginal health. Not many women know what's right for their vagina and how should they do right with their underwear. Here are 8 underwear rules that'll lead to a healthy, happy vagina:


1. Replace Underwear Every Year

Like every product on the planet, underwear also has an expiry date which is one year. Even clean women’s panty can become a house of many bacteria if used for too long. Especially for women who have suffered infection or bacterial vaginosis, it is mandatory to replace them every year while for others, it remains optional.


2. Let Your Vagina Breathe

Allow enough air flow to vagina so that it can go commando and breathe freely. As fresh air is necessary for your heart and mind, same is the case with your vagina.


3. Sleep Naked Except During Menstrual Days

Sleeping without any cloth on can do wonders for vaginal health. It allows your vagina to dry up all night and get rid of any moisture.


4. Change Them Every Day

This is something undeniable, isn't it? You must be changing your underwear daily, but it would be even better if you change them more than once in a day. If not changed on regular intervals, the bacteria may cause yeast infection and make your vagina suffer. Underwear trap moisture too fast and this makes it essential to replace them more than once a day. You should also avoid staying in wet underwear for a long time. Get changed immediately after your pool session, workout or in sweaty summer days.


5. Value the Fabric Preference

Often women choose to wear satin or polyester material sexy underwear to look sexy and feel good. This is okay for occasional purposes but on daily basis, it can make your vagina suffer. Such fabric materials trap bacteria and moisture resulting in bad odor and infections. Thus, your vagina prefers cotton undergotchies overall. Cotton underwear is light and allows your vagina to breathe ultimately keeping things fresh, healthy and clean down there.


6. Choose the Right Size

This is the most important tip for a healthy vagina. Around 88% of women don't know their perfect size of underwear and have been wearing a wrong one. Some get a loose pair for extra comfort, and some try to slip into a short one for shape. Both of them is wrong, and you need to get a panty that's perfectly meant for your vagina. Not only does a wrong size make your vagina uncomfortable but also leads to irritation and suffocation. So allow some airflow by considering the size of the vagina.


7. Avoid Thongs

You might have been wearing thongs for a long time now, and you're comfortable with it. What if your vagina is suffering because of this? It has been found that the nature of the design of thongs promotes the colon bacteria transmission into the vagina. This leads to disruption of normal bacterial milieu thereby increasing the risk of urinary and vaginal infections.


8. Skin-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Your vagina is too sensitive and thus, needs to be handled with as much sensitivity as possible. Perfumed products cause irritation to the vagina. Because vagina stays in contact with the underwear throughout the day, you need to take care of what products you use for them. You should wash your underwear with a skin friendly or hypoallergenic detergent. It is free of dyes and does not contain chemicals. Also, make sure you do not bleach your underwear. The bleaching chemical can affect your vaginal health to a great extent.

These are very important points to be included in an integral part of your routine. See how showing some attention to your underwear can do magic for your vagina!




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