11 Ideas - How to Use Sex Handcuffs in Bed, Bedroom & Beyond

How to Use Sex Handcuffs in Bed


If you love to go wild with your partner, how about handcuff sex positions? Handcuffs surely enhance the pleasure and make you feel kinky. They allow you to go with the flow and reach the hardcore level of sex. They also allow you to take complete control over your partner and do whatever you want to do. I will discuss how you can adapt to use handcuffs in a new way, not just in the bed but beyond. This blog will also help you if you are going to buy a sex handcuff for the first time.

For Men - How to use Handcuffs during Sex

1. Handcuff Wrists in front

The simplest way is to handcuff the lady's wrist in front of her so that she can reach her clit for playing with it while having sex.

2. Handcuff Wrists in back

You can handcuff the wrists of your partner in the back of her. It is the best way to adopt if you love to do a doggy style. You can grab the chain in your hand while keeping your girl in a doggy position.

how to use handcuffs during sex


3. Handcuff Your Wrist to partner’s Wrist

This is the easiest way to use hand cuffs. You need to handcuff your wrist to your partner's wrist and attain a new sexual position. You will have some fun for sure!

4. Handcuff Your Partner with the Railing of Stairs

It would be best if you took your girl out of the bedroom. Handcuff her with the railing of the staircase. You will enjoy the hottest night of pleasure on the steps of the stairs of your house.

5. Movie Scene

You can enjoy the action as well by using handcuffs. Arrest your girl, handcuff her, and give her a punishment which will be her best punishment. You will love it a lot!

6. Hand cuff and Blindfolds

Handcuff and blindfold is a perfect combination for controlling your girl and kissing her where you want. You need to handcuff your girl and then put a blindfold on her eyes and then kiss her on different parts of her body. She will be curious where you are going to kiss her!

7. Handcuff and Vibrator

Do you want to see your girl squirming in front of you? If yes, then you need to handcuff her and run a vibrator on her body. It will be a fantastic experience for you!

8. Handcuff and Oral Sex

Handcuffs are very useful if you want to go deep into the throat of your girl. The girl would not have control, and you can push her head down for deep throating.

These are just some ways to use handcuffs for sex by man to gain control over his woman.

For Women - How to use handcuffs in Bed

Not just men, A woman can also use them for handcuffing her man. She can also experiment with various sex positions with handcuffs just the way men do. Let's discuss some ways to handcuff your boyfriend.

1. Handcuff your man with Fridge

You need to handcuff your man with the fridge where ice cream or milk is present. Handcuff your man and cover his body with ice cream or milk. Then you need to lick the ice cream from his body.

2. Handcuff your Wrist to the belt of your man

You need to handcuff your wrist from where you can slap the dick of your man. Then, you need to slap her dick as hard as you can.

3. Handcuff your Man and Bend him on his Knees

You need to handcuff your man and bend him on his knees for licking your clit with his tongue. Do not untie him until you achieve the orgasm.

I hope you have liked reading the blog, and I wish you to have full pleasure and joy in loving your partner.

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