Ideas for Sex Games for Lovers

sex game ideas for couples


You have played different types of games so far in your life but have you ever tried the sex game with your partner? Sex games can move your relationship with your partner forward in a most innovative manner. Funny things and funny acts make a relationship bond stronger. There are several other ways to enjoy the sex on the bed or anywhere else but if you want real fun and pleasure of sex at the same time then sex games are a good idea. This blog post covers some innovative ideas for doing sex and romance in a funny way.


Blindfold your partner

It is a great idea to cover the eyes of your partner with a blindfold. After doing so, you need to ask him/her a few questions after performing some acts with him/her. You can ask about the food after allowing him/her to taste. You can ask about which thing you are touching him/her. You can ask to guess about where you are going to touch him/her. I am sure you will enjoy a lot by playing the blindfold game with your partner.


Card Games

You can Buy Sex Cards from the market quite easily. There are different types of cards present on the market. You can choose the one which suits you the best according to the nature of your relationship with your partner. You need to ask your partner to choose a card and there will be something written on the card. Your partner needs to perform the act according to the statement written on the card. You can also play a simple card game on your bed with your partner and the winner would be allowed to do something with you, something sexier and romantic!


Roll a Dice

Dice games are also quite popular and what a great idea to convert a simple dice game into real fun at the bed. There are some Sex Dice Games present on the market which are specially designed for romance and sex. You can buy them from there for making this game more amazing. You can also use the simple dice by deciding something romantic on each number. After rolling the dice, you or partner need to perform the act according to the number which will come on top. This will make your night a special one for sure. Buying a sex dice game is the most recommended option for you as it is designed for this purpose.


Perform the act after watching an adult/hot movie

If you have nothing else to do for fun at your bed then watching a movie with hot and passionate scenes is the best thing you can do. You need to ask your partner to do as it is, as you are watching in the movie. It will allow both of you to do something new in terms of romance and sex. It is the simplest and funnier game to play with your partner. One thing you must have to consider while performing the act, and the thing is your safety. I wish you would have a lot of fun and romance in a safe mode. Frankly speaking, you will also know how hard the acting is after playing this game!


These ideas will help you to make your sex life more amazing and your relationship with your partner will also grow. You need to take care of your partner in each and every aspect. You need to make a strong bond with your partner. I wish a romantic and happier life for all of you!




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