The Art of Sexual Massage

The Art of Sexual Massage


A sensual massage has the potential to relax every inch of your stressed and tensed body. But, is that all it does? Well, no. It has the power to add the quintessential spark in your sexual life. One can't help but admit the fact that having sex with the same person after a few dozen times gets quite boring. The end results? You end up never having sex or finishing it off with a quickie. This has a serious impact on your relationship and you feel empty and frustrated.


In order to keep the heat intact, you need to introduce exciting sex games, role plays, and sensuous massaging techniques. Does it have any benefit on your relationship? Yes, it does. It will help to rekindle the passion that was somewhere lost in the daily humdrum of life. Did you know that massage was, is, and will continue to be a great way to make your partner yearn for you? One has to understand that the act of 'sex’ isn't limited to penetration. It is so much more than that. It opens you to erotic arousals, blissful orgasms, and never-ending foreplay.


Today, Let's Take A Look at How Sexual Massage Is Crucial for You and Your Partner 

Engage in intimate foreplay that is fun and awesome in every manner. It is the best way to transform your ordinary sex life into a charming one. Time to enhance your skills and make room for some pro techniques. The purpose is one, it achieves irresistible arousal before the main event.


Setting the Mood Is the Beginning of The Process 

You have to make sure you ace the first step of the process. Un-robe your partner and help them lie down on the bed. Turn off the lights and use some aromatic candles to change the mood. Pick the most romantic and soothing music in your collection and give it the chance to do its work. Pour some essential oil on your palm. You need to rub your palms together before you proceed.


Be Slow, Be Patient 

You have to master the art of going slow and never making the mistake of rushing into the whole process. Make continuous movements by using your hands. You have to focus on each muscle of their body as you prep your partner for the whole sensual experience.


The Location of Your Hands Will Matter A Lot 

Begin the process with your partner's legs. Start all the way from the thighs (upper region) all the way down to her ankles. Then, move on to the next leg. The same process here as well. Massage each toe by stretching them one at a time. In case you come cross the knots don't hesitate to put in some extra effort there. This will relax your partner like never before.


Don't Stop 

Next, you need to pay attention to the shoulders and the neck. Gently massage your partner 's skin. You should make sure to ask them whether or not they like the pressure. With smooth circular and clockwise motion move down to the lower back.


Make A Powerful Ending to The Relaxation Process 

Use your palms to give the final touches of massage on the lower back. You will need at least 40 - 50 minutes to finish the whole process. As the body gets completely relaxed the sexual tension will rise. This will be enough for a night of incredible fun.


When you introduce all of the above massaging techniques in your sex life you will keep things exciting and enticing for both of you. Make sure to make the most of it. 




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