Sex Positions Guide – Part 3

So, now that you have tried a few new positions, it’s time to roll the hard ball. You would already be feeling confident to go a step forward and try something that is as rewarding as it is challenging. How about learning about some positions which can be used for foreplay? Yes, foreplay can have positions too.
The fun elements come to those who try and there is nothing wrong with inducing guilty pleasures. The fact that women do not participate actively when having sex is the thing from the past. Women now want, not just to participate but be in control too. Your partner will appreciate your attitude to go all the way.
So the next two positions are such that can be used independently or coupled with something else if being used as foreplay. You and your imagination are in charge now, so let loose and have a great time.

Position 5 - The scissors

This one is not difficult to master but spoiler alert; it’s not a visual delight but a sensual one!

How it works - You and your partner start with lying down face to face. You bring your leg on top of his and your other leg will be brushing against his bottom leg. This position can in fact be used as foreplay or dry grinding when you are not able to master the actual position.
The position allows you to get intimate with your eyes and lips locked. Your clitoris will get the ultimate exposure and gives him a lot of access. Both of you have your hands free to grab each other and heighten the sense of pleasure that you are reaping.
A good tip – this position allows for some hair grabbing and light spanking, if you are into that kind of fun!

Position 6 - The Spider position

The doggy style is passé and sex has ventured to newer, more exciting creatures. When you are feeling lazy and have a long time in hand then this is a good position. Try it on your honeymoon or at any time during the start of your physical journey with your man.

How it works - The start of this position is by your and your partner sitting across each other. You both come to a lying down position with your respective heads in between your partner’s legs. Now bring your knees up and with your hands hold on to your partner’s legs. You can enjoy this position by just wiggling around and keeping your partner aroused. It is a fun and slow movement position where the mingling of your bodies forms a spider like creature. 

In the next few positions, you will learn that traditional missionary and women on top positions can be made very interesting with just a few alterations. Learn to bring unending pleasure for your partner without compromising on your own fun. Keep reading this space for more.
To be continued…

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