Apsara Calendar 2016

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Apsara Calendar 2016

PrivyPleasures has always prided itself in knowing and providing you with your most secretive desires. And what better than to have a whole range dedicated just to your wishes! Don’t you wish your partner could have been this flexible to your needs? Here is a great opportunity to give them the hints to what you really like. PrivyPleasures is launching its calendar for the Year 2016 called - Apsara Calendar 2016

You can keep it in your bedroom as a sinful reminder about what should really be happening there or gift it to your partner to tantalize and tease their senses. Or better still, use it to get ideas on how you can indulge in more romance (yes, is possible)! The most erotic of all calendars are here! Make sure that you use your freedom of expression this year to entice your partner and get the most out of the relationship. What better way to move forward, eh? Or should we say, what better way to move on top?

How is the calendar ? What do you think? Leave us a comment below :)

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