Toys to use this V-Day

Have you tried something exciting in the bedroom lately? The same positions getting boring and you need to add more spice to your relationship? Well then the perfect answer is to bring toys in. Yes! And what better day to try them out other than Valentines, your partner will be more in the mood to try things out this day anyway! Toys for the both of you and not just one will help add that spicy element. Sex toys are considered both, daring and fun (for good reason!).

Handcuffs – Get some handcuffs to venture into exciting territories that neither of you have ventured into before. You can get them in several kinds, with fur, rhinestones or just a simple one.

Chocolate body paint – This will be quite an addition to your bedroom stuff. It is edible paint and can be clubbed with the handcuffs. It is great for creating a sensual atmosphere while still maintaining the down to business demeanor. Let your imagination go wild from here on.

Blindfold – Now this is an absolute must if you are looking to spice things up. Get your beau to wear this as soon as they come home. Then guide them to the bedroom with a few stops in between. This toy has a great use for anyone with a wild side to show to their partners, and in style! Can’t imagine a better Valentine’s Day celebration ow, can you?

The dirty dices – These are a fun game to start the activities. You get two dices, one will have actions written on it and the other will have body parts. You’ve already figured out the rest, haven’t you?

A whip – You may think at the onset that this is too much for your taste, but let’s reconsider. A soft whip is not meant to hurt your partner but provide you with some more prowess in getting your way. It can be fun and is usually clubbed with other toys. Let’s play?

A vibrator – As one of the oldest kinds of sex toys, vibrators have typically been used by women to please themselves in the absence of a partner. But with changing times, the uses of a vibrator has changed too. Now it is used by couples to elongate sexual pleasure.

There is just nothing better to do on Valentines than spending the maximum time in the bedroom.

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