What men should know about their women's lingerie?

Men are often clueless when it comes to buying lingerie for their woman even though they are usually quick to assess their women in a new piece of lingerie as soon as possible. Read further to find out what you should always know about your woman’s underwear drawer.

Have you ever looked at your woman’s underwear drawer closely? If not then you must browse through it (try not to get caught though). Women want their men to know more about them and no self-respecting woman will want to discuss her lingerie with you unless in a specific special setting. Even then don’t expect to get into sizes and comfort levels. So here are a few ways if you do not wish to be snooping around in her lingerie cupboard to get the secrets that you must know about:

  • Bedroom details of the past – Ask her about her experiences concentrating on the act itself rather than on the people that she may have been with. Reciprocate with details from your own encounters. Make them funny so that you do not end up discussing exes in bed. This exercise will give you a detail of what she likes and what your next move should be.
  • The snooping – You can get her size only by snooping unfortunately. Check the tags on her lingerie when she is in the shower. This is infinitely easy when you are living in together since you will have her underwear drawer right there. Of course, do not confess to having gone through her tenders unless there is a sizable reward instore.
  • Find out what she feels sensitive about (it isn’t hard when you are paying attention anyway but please oh please do not ask directly!). If she feels her glutes are her problem area then you can invest in a chemise, a slip on, silk pyjamas or a camisole with a cute pair of shorts that she will not feel conscious about.
  • If her tummy, waist or torso are not her best assets then get a baby doll dress with an empire bodice which will concentrate on her breasts.
  • If she has a problem with her thighs or hips (no matter how much you think otherwise) get a sexy camisole with loose silk bottoms.
  • When arms are the problem area then get a slip on with sleeves or a jacketed night gown. If she is pregnant then anything that is loose from the waist below, just the chest area can be fitted.
  • If your woman is big breasted then getting tops, camisoles or bras with an underwire is good to provide support. And if she happens to have a small chest then go for demi cups in the tops and bras.

It is imperative that you know what size she is and what sort of a lingerie collection she has. If you ever plan to gift her sexy lingerie then these things will be of great use. At first, it will be weird to go through these things (not just in her drawer but also in lingerie stores) but getting over it will take your relationship further than you might give it credit for. And who knows, you may enjoy seeing her in the lingerie that you bought!

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