Sexy swimming? Possible!

Sexy swimming? Possible!

Sexy is as sexy you are! The most important part is to feel sexy and you’re good to rule the world. You love as much to see that spark in your partner’s eyes and he loves to see you in different avatars every day. To make your love life interesting, you must stop it from getting dull or stagnant. Spicing it up from time to time is the mantra. Why not surprise him every night?

When it comes to those intimate moments, why just limit yourself to the bedroom? Why not be a bit adventurous? We suggest, swimming pool. Nothing can beat the sexiness of a late night swim! With cold water lapping around your body, let the warmth of your love take control. However, like any other time, we would suggest spicing it up. Don’t just go for plain bathing suits. When it comes to intimate swim, make sure every part of you screams sexy and for that, choose just the right pair of sexy sultry adult swim wear.

Here are a few tips to introduce you to a range of sexy swim wear for adults that would leave your partner gaping at you. Keep this guide handy while shopping for it.

Types of Adult Swim Suit:

Chained bikini set- Bikinis are the best swim wear. It shows off much without showing a lot. In this case, we suggest, you go wilder. Try out the chained bikinis that have pieces of held together with gold or silver chains. These look extremely sexy as it’s sufficiently skimpy and hides just as much required to fuel the imagination. Go for combinations of black and gold or blue and silver.

Glow in the dark bikini: For all the experimental women out there, show your adventurous side and go a step forward to take on the glow in dark bikini challenge. Let your partner be provoked enough to make a run for you, following those pieces of glowing satin. Invite your partner to get hold of you, while you splash around in the pool in a playful mood!

Laser cut monokini- A single piece swim wear with deep plunging neckline and a open back, hardly covering your curves and swells, laser cut monokinis are extremely seductive. Best suited for women who have long toned legs, these monokinis highlights your lower torso to the best! Available in a range of color, you can team it up with fancy accessories to best effect.

Lace Bikinis: Laces never tend to lose the charm and never go out of fashion. When in doubt, go for lace bikinis. It never fails to create the desired impression of a sexy body beneath that flimsy net work. You may also go ahead and team it up with a Crochet net dress over it to add style to it.

Sailor swimsuit/bikini- Looking for a little role play in the pool as well? Well, we strongly recommend the sailor swimsuits. Sexy and seductive, it will give you enough confidence to tease and provoke your partner.

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