How to Dress Sexy for Him ? - The Guide

Dressing up is something loved by women!. Especially when it comes to special occasions and to be more precise, for him, it is quite exhilarating isn’t it? How to dress sexy for him that can create the instant impression!!

Every single woman loves to feel and look sexy! Dressing up sexy for him, keep all things attracted to you. (The thing actually refers to YOUR man, not every man). How to look good in bed and dressing up for that sexy look is different. Dressing up sexy synonymously refer to wearing lingerie. Here you go!

C-through lingerie

The art of being sexy and seductive isn’t about bare-it all. Sexy means hide and seek. Show off a bit, conceal a bit, show off a lot, conceal a lot, let him wonder about what you are literally into. Don’t confuse yourself. It is just all about buying see through lingerie. You will reveal everything without actually showing it bare! Hope you got it right?

Want to turn him instantly? Go for the transparent lingerie that almost matches your skin tone or beige nudes, it will enhance your curves.

Soft fabrics

Do you know some men love women in plain cotton lingerie! Yes, what you read is right. While a few men love the bossy and audacious women, many men have it for the coy and slightly flirtatious women. In fact, softness is something that all men love in women. Women’s soft and supple skin is a great turn on. Bring it on babe! Show the softness through the soft fabrics. Remind him about how soft and supple you will look without letting him touch you. Yea, go for the silk and satin lingerie. When he touches you, he literally wants more of you owing to the softness. Satin and silk lingerie add a lot of seductiveness to the women, which balances the charmingly sexy look with flirtatious look.

Never tried? Buy a stain chemise now. We bet, his hands will run all over your curves without his knowledge!

Subtle yet seductive

Sexy lingerie is always synonymous to lace. Wearing lace lingerie means you have dressed sexy even without your knowledge. Oh yes, play something unique with bold colors, stockings, thongs and strings. That’s it game over.

Understand what your man find sexy in you

Every man is a unique creature, yea of course humans are creatures. Don’t think otherwise. But when it comes to women they do share many things in common. What is common? He will always be ready for bed (oh, come on, the gender is designed in such a way) and will be ready instantly, ready to drool over you when you show off the lingerie! Yea, this is certainly too common in most men.

Yet, there are quite a few different things that men are attracted differently. There is a common misconception that men are always lured by g-strings and thongs, (blame the porn)! Some men find her women looking too hot in matching brassier and panty. Some men love lace and some love satin pajamas. So, it is very important to find what he loves, rather lust over you.



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