Relationship turnarounds this Valentine’s Day - let your lingerie do some magic!

It’s the most special day for every couple and if there is a turnaround that is interfering, then you can easily solve the issue with just one sexy lingerie. Wear one and bam! You and your partner will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in bed! No words will be needed to get the two of you back together … just sexy lingerie and we are here to help you with the ideas.

This sexy lingerie will help you get your relationship back on track with a lot more sensuality!

  1.       Basque

You could do a role-play wearing a Basque. It's not only hot but amazingly sexy! Once you walk in that room wearing a Basque and a few inches heels with straps around your thighs and sexy stockings, the turnaround will turn around and let you enjoy the night of lovers with your lover. No words will be needed to convince him … just some lingerie and sexy gestures will suffice.

  1.       Bustier

If you want to make yourself look big, then bustier is probably the best option you can choose instead of a boob job. No injections are needed … just a bustier and you will look big enough to have your man crawling towards you. The bustier actually makes you look big. It sticks to its name.

  1.       Laced up camisole

Camisoles are cute but if they have lace and are available in red, black, and/or purple, then it’s the sexiest thing. The sexy camisole can be worn with a matching color thong to attract the attention of your partner. Maybe while you pretend to make some snacks for him in the kitchen or just sit next to him and watch some TV.  He will pounce on you in no time.

  1.       Corsage

Another laced up corsage with thongs and heels are a match made in bedroom heaven. They go hand in hand perfectly.  Especially when the two of you are not on talking terms, this will heat up the sexual tension between the two of you. Your partner will probably sweat and want to hop over you with that outfit and I will guarantee that he will do so. It is the most common lingerie used while role playing the submissive and dominant.

  1.       Garters

They are cute, especially when you are role-playing. For example – French Maid; these are used as a wraparound over your thighs to make your sexy outfit look even sexier.  It's like a prop. You can use it over any lingerie and it will still look sexy as hell.

  1.       Thongs

A man’s weakness is a thong. A thong speaks to a man. You can almost have anything if you slip on a thong. Though they are uncomfortable for some but a few slay the thong and wiggle it off. A thong is a man’s best friend and the way to his heart is not through his stomach but through a thong. They work like magic not only on your man but in bed too.



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