Craziest lingerie – 5 weird bedroom fashion you should know

The never ending love for lingerie always makes some women go crazy on lingerie shopping. While there are quite a few popular lingerie styles available in almost every woman’s closet from sexy chemise, camisole, baby doll sets to seductive honeymoon lingerie, there are a lot of styles. There are some kind of strange, weird and even some crazy lingerie in the secret closet. Some women go out of the box and find their unique way in lingerie shopping. Unleashing a few craziest lingerie choices which turned popular (yet weird) bedroom fashion.

Body stocking

Body stocking! It certainly seems very uncomfortable. You love stockings, on legs. Do you mind wearing it hugging the body? Body stocking is certainly a risqué option to explore. Yet, never mind trying going for the lacy, transparent, sexy and seductive body stocking. Make something exotic in the realm of your bedroom. Full body of anything not just lingerie is literally hard to pull off, but remember, it is even harder to get off!

Teddy, but with Open-Front

Don’t let anyone judge you. You do, got it here, in form of open from teddies. It spices your look, make you look incredibly sexy and hot. You can even find more ribbon on your Christmas gift you received from Santa. Not kidding, it is true. Go for a little more sex appeal. The open front teddy style lingerie comes in numerous styles and patterns. You look like an open package, nothing seriously to unwrap, giving your man a straight forward hit and leaving no stones unturned.

The man thong

Oh oh.. Stop here. Don’t get into a chaotic state. This is not men’s lingerie. Men are already thrown away from the world of lingerie and they just have not even a single hint about the crazy lingerie. The man thong is exclusive lingerie designed for women, looks like a man’s. Ready to fight up? ‘I can wear what you wear!’

The lingerie is something like animal pouch, looks crazy down under. Just imagine how your man is going to handle you!! It’s going to be a real surprise..

PLAY suit (the real play)

If you think open-front teddy comes with least amount of fabric, you are wrong. Here comes the play suit. It is crazy lingerie made of less material than open-front teddy. It uses no materials, just chains, ropes, and leathers. It is the craziest trend of all lingerie. You can use it either lingerie, or just as an oversized bedroom jewelry that comes with a seductive appeal.

Cat inspired lingerie

Is there anything about cat and lingerie? The cats are a real thing in crazy and sexy lingerie. Well, there is a deal of love rage over the animal printed outfits, this is more of it. Cats are the rage when it comes to lingerie. Cat inspired lingerie is the rage now and just go for it.

You can find some wildest bedroom fashion even in online lingerie shopping, you could ever imagine having. Are you crazy enough to hit the ball? Pick some outlandish lingerie that are literally the craziest. 

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