What Men Really Think About Lingerie

Men are just sweet and simple creatures in the whole universe, when it comes to women and especially lingerie. If you go and ask your man, what is the lingerie you want me to see?  They will be gob-smacked. Probably the answer would be ‘Anything you love sweet-heart!’ How nice they are? Isn’t it? Men are really grateful see women in lingerie, partially unclothed. Especially, when it comes to long relationships, it is the bitter truth about men. To be more precise, when sex has already become like a special occasion, they never demand anything, and anything you wear they will just accept. But what do they really think about lingerie all times?

Lingerie is sexy. Every man has some wild dream to see his girl in sexy and seductive lingerie. They believe that lingerie is the starting point of fulfill their sexual desires they have been longing far. (okay, here again the porn comes, blame it all).

Sometimes men don’t even care about lingerie, which is blatant truth. All they need is to see the woman unclothed (covering too less or unclothed) doesn’t make big differences in many men. They fall into the erotic zone as soon as they see their girl in their bed! That’s it.

All the above mentioned applies only when he doesn’t see the lithe bodies in lingerie. Watching a lingerie fashion ramp is one of the bucket lists in many men. The secret desire! When he saw a woman posing in lingerie (fashion shows or magazines or advertisements) he quickly develops likes and dislikes, get some strong opinions. Obviously, women in lingerie? They hardly see any dislike, but there are many mistakes.

When a woman takes her man to a lingerie shop (does it ever happen) or shop online, they can easily identify where women always go wrong. Oh yes, they don’t care about the lingerie but just the comforts. Most men easily identify the distraught experienced by women in buying the undergarment. When you shop around for lingerie, you will easily find the complicated undergarments.

Men don’t care whether it is polka dots or stripes or simple plain white with sexy bow. As given in the very first line, men are just very simple when it comes to lingerie. They don’t like any complications, want it straight forwards. Wearing to many buttons, threads and knots put-off his mood.  He loves the lingerie gliding on you!

It is all about the first impression he get when he see you in the lingerie.

What men think about a few popular styles of lingerie?

  • Animal prints – most men see it playful
  • Lacy thong – She got her game, I love it
  • Thong – She is out of her comfort zone for me, she is still girly, let’s make it.
  • Boy shorts – Not so appealing to men, but if you flaunt your curves and bosoms, he is already fallen.
  • Mesh – Love it
  • Satiny, silky and velvety – pretty and seductive
  • Lacy boy shorts – Surprised!
  • High waist undergarments – she got a  lot of play
  • Studded thong – Who cares!
  • Floral undergarment – Oh my, she is a real shopaholic

So, does lingerie really matters? Yes, do, in more cases to ignite the passion, to make him smile, to surprise and to show your love and passion. Men love and totally fall for the women who wear seductive lingerie and initiate the steamy sweaty romance more than anything in the world. Initiating sex is not always the man’s thing!





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