Different Styles of sexy lingerie

The term lingerie immediately brings out the feminine side of a woman and makes imagination of men go wild to wilder. There are different types of lingerie; from sexy to erotic; from comfortable to supportive. Every type of lingerie has its own function and purpose. But when it comes to be with the man of your life, the keyword is “Sexy” rather than anything else.

As far as different types of exotic lingerie is concerned, there are many option to choose from. Let’s find out!

Bustier: Bustier is usually strapless. It generally goes down to your waist, attached with a garter straps. These are exotic lingerie. And the fun part is, you can wear them with or without panties.

Corset: This type of lingerie is totally different from other forms. Corset has existed since ancient times and was worn beneath a gown. These days, they evolved as an erotic piece of lingerie. Earlier, it was made of a stiff material and was used to lift up breasts. In modern times, a corset can be transparent as well. It comes with adjustable laces in the back. You can jazz up your looks with corset by wearing garter straps.

Thongs: Thongs are a special type of panties that cover your front but leave your bottom exposed. It may also come with a thin and transparent material. Similar type of panties is G-string, but they have a stretchable string that covers the back.

Garter belt: Garter belt looks best when you wear them without panties. We advise you to directly put it on around your waist and attach some sexy thigh highs or stockings. Go for matching stockings or thigh highs. Garter belt with thing highs gives an erotic look. Complement your look with a matching bra.

Erotic nightie: Sexy nighties are various in shapes and styles. Two of them are baby doll nightie and teddy nightie. The former comes with a built-in bra cups and a flowing loose gown to the upper thigh or waist. The latter falls past the upper thing region. Both of them are mostly seen in sheer, silk and nylon material.

Camisole: A camisole is one type of sexy lingerie that is short and loose fitting and perfectly covers your upper body. The length of this lingerie can reach the waist. Juice up your looks with a matching pair of panties.

Chemise: Unlike camisole, chemise is slightly longer in length. It falls above or just on the knees. It usually has a straight cut fall. This type comes with a spaghetti straps, thus adjustable.

These are the different types of lingerie that you can find for yourself. Be sure to choose the right size and fit for you. Test different colors. You also can go for some accessories or adult costumes for pepped up romance. Experiment and explore!

Be it just to spice up your relationship or to ‘shock and awe’ your man, there is no comparison to sexy adult lingerie. Browse through our product gallery and choose one for you. 

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