Naughty Lingerie for Your Honeymoon

Is your wedding day around the corner? Are you all set for your wedding shopping?

Honeymoon signifies the beginning of a new life. It’s the time when you get to know your better half closely, literally. And it starts with the first night of your honeymoon. And honeymoon lingerie has a special role to play here.

When it comes to honeymoon lingerie, the choices are various. From laces and bows to adult costumes; from Naughty Bridal Lingerie to lingerie accessories, there is an endless array of options. But one thing is pretty sure. You need to be a little naughty to draw the best in you and your partner.

Let’s start with some naughty honeymoon lingerie ideas then!

Pick the colors carefully: The color of your Bridal Lingerie plays a vital role in your emotions. Take a note of your preferred colors as well as of your husband’s. The color, which you like the most, may turn off your partner. So, play it safe. Bold and dark colors like red, maroon, black, purple go well with honeymoon theme.

Pack different sets: When we are talking about your honeymoon, the key here is to bring out the sexiest you. And nothing is sexier than unpredictability. So, pack different types of lingerie to surprise your man every night. Let’s see if we can make a cheat sheet for you!

  • One hot teddy nightie or Babydoll Nightie
  • One oversized white sheer shirt
  • Sheer vintage style corset
  • Night glow bras and panties
  • Lace bra and skirt set
  • A couple of sheer robes

You can always mix and match different sets to add more spices. But always go for matching bra and panty, no matter what you are pairing it up with.

Don’t forget adult costumes: Adult costumes are great when we are talking about bedroom role playing. Try to know about your husband’s wildest fantasies. Men don’t generally open up to talk about it, but you can play smart here. Try different costumes to understand what excites your husband most.

And when we are discussing role playing, honeymoon is the ideal time to start with a bang. It would assure your man that you have more surprises waiting for him in your marriage.

Buy some lingerie accessories: Your honeymoon lingerie shopping would be incomplete if you don’t consider buying a couple of accessories to pep up your appearance. Consider buying a pair of adult gloves, nipple pasties, garter belt, g-string and thigh high stockings. These small details would definitely enhance your sexiness quotient. And don’t forget to wear high heels to arouse your man. Nothing can beat the combination of sexy stilettos and erotic lingerie.

Visit today and buy your honeymoon lingerie in a few clicks. We have showcased various types of lingerie that you would love to have in your closet. Don’t shy out. Make your honeymoon count!


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