10 Lingerie that should be in Honeymoon suitcase

The wedding is one of the happiest moments of anyone’s life. The celebrations continue for the couple for a few days as well. The time they spent together alone and away from family and friends, let them come closer emotionally, mentally and physically. The honeymoon is not just about roaming around a destination and clicking photos in front of a monument. It is more about how close you can get to each other and understand the needs and desires.

While being on Honeymoon, it is important to look comfortable and good while you are enjoying the beach or cityscape. Simultaneously, it is important to look attractive, seductive and sexy while being alone in the room. For a woman, the easiest way to make his man go crazy is to choose some sets of best lingerie. The following list of 10 lingerie ideas for your honeymoon will definitely give you a start for the packing.

  1.     Something black!

Black is always in style and no matter what your skin color is, black laced lingerie will look perfect on you. All you need to do is to make sure that it fits perfectly and it is not loose of very tight. Comfortable lingerie is the best one as sooner or later it needs to go off!

  1.     Get a push-up bra!

There are a lot of lingerie sets available in the market that can highlight your blossoms in the best possible way. There is nothing more alluring that inviting boobs for your man in bed. It also encourages him to go for the foreplay and seduce you in his own style.

  1.     How about a delicate robe?

The robe style lingerie with short length looks amazing on any woman. It gives a little hint about what hides beneath and attracts the husband to do some kinky acts.

  1.     Stripe is best for the cruise!

In case you are planning to take a cruise for your honeymoon, lingerie with stripe design will give you the feel of a sailor girl. It is always a turn on when you are dressed suited to the location of your stay. Who can say no to a slutty sailor after all!

  1.     It's checkers time!

There are lingerie sets in the market that resemble the checker's design. It is a fun way to spend some time with your husband on honeymoon while playing checkers, well, on you!

  1.     It’s all natural!

Floral or animal prints are always a turn-on for most of the men. You can choose a set in leopard design and have some kinky acts to make full use of it!

  1.     Baby doll laced design

It is one of the most attractive and sexy designs available in the market. It is not only very comfortable and soft in touch, but the best design to seduce your man as well.

  1.     The one for the dip

If your husband is a pool freak, beautiful lingerie suited for pool dips can entice you both in a soothing pool experience.

  1.     Trash the dress

Made to rip off, these lingerie sets specifically designed to go off in just one pull. If you want to try something out-of-the-box erotic, these will suit the best.

  1. Wanna taste?

Edible lingerie is a thing and it is a playful toy for the foreplay. They come in different taste, shape, and design and add fun and spice to the experience.

Choosing the right dress for the honeymoon is very important. By making a few well thought choices, you can enjoy the time with your husband to the fullest.

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