Seduction is Easy with a Well Thought Lingerie Selection

There is a lot that you can do to spice up your sex life. Interestingly Lingerie can be a part of almost everything! Those who think that lingerie is just another piece of the sexy undergarment; they need to rethink about it. Lingerie not only one of the best ways to seduce a man, but it also enhances the self-confidence in a woman.

In almost every day-to-day life you can use the power of “looking sexy and desirable” to entice your man. From bath to cooking and from getting ready for the evening to a “night for him”, lingerie can be your partner in crime! The following ideas will give you a hint on how you can use lingerie to seduce your man in different ways.

Dress up in front of him

If you are getting ready for the office or for a romantic dinner, give him a hint what he can expect later in the night. Get dressed in sexy lingerie underneath the clothes right in front of him. Do not let him touch or come close to you at the moment and let him wait till eve. You will be amazed at the experience you get from him in the night.

Take a lead in the shower

Wear nice and sexy lingerie and just take him in the shower. Let him watch you getting all wet with warm water. You can take the experience to another level with some intimate moments but it is all up to you how you want to move ahead with this.

Wait for him is a sexy lingerie

Wear something of his choice. Make yourself look sexy and appealing. Surprise him with some innovative role-play  and see how perfect the night becomes.

Cook the dinner in babydoll design

Wear sexy babydoll lingerie  while working in the kitchen. Act as this is normal and see him all amazed and horny. Let me come close, touch and feel you. Kiss him momentarily and get back to work. You will see waves of love in his eyes.

 A photo is worth 1000 words

When he is away for some days, keep sending photos in sexy lingerie with naughty messages. Video chat with him while wearing something seductive and keep him on the edge of the chair all along his trip. This will help you go through with the time of being alone and he will try to get back as soon as possible.

Make yourself hard to get

Plan a sexy week for him. Dress up in different dresses and keep instant photos in different corners of the house so that he can find them but not you in the same dress. Tease him as much as you can before the big night. His passion for you will increase by several folds which will add more love to the intimate sessions.

Both men and women try to entice their partners. If you are planning something interesting for your partner, make sure to keep up with the details. Small things often bring a lot of happiness!

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