Braided Nylon Bull Whip

Talk about a next level game of bondage and dominance (BDSM) and you have just the right accessory to get on with that. This braided nylon Bull Whip is very arousing having 2 feet length with a handle of 6 inches. Get your partner to do anything you desire and make him/her yours.

Total Length including handle 2 feet, Handle length 6 inches

Material : Leather+Braided
Color : As shown
Item Code : PLPC 70202

Rs 625
Coming Soon

There are so many sexual fetishes and especially when it comes to BDSM that turns you on and drives you crazy with insane desire. These sexual fetishes will often need safe toys to make it a reality and more pleasurable. That is why we have toys like this braided nylon bullwhip. When it comes to BDSM, the master will always need a safe tool to discipline their submissive and what can be safer than this braided nylon bullwhip? As a master, you cannot afford to miss this playful instrument in your list of BDSM toys. Buy this whip online India via PrivyPleasures and enjoy the BDSM sexual pleasures in a whole new level. It will drive you insane as well as the submissive. It will make the sex more than just sex; it will be an overflowing pleasure and fun.

In India, it is now easy to get whips online by visiting PrivyPleasures website. Now you can easily fulfill your sexual fetishes with this gorgeous braided nylon bullwhip. While using it on your submissive during BDSM sex, you can whip her to the level of intensity the both of you have agreed upon. It will arouse the both of you, and you will enjoy the sex more than you ever thought. This whip has a length of two feet, and the handle is 6 inches. It is the perfect tool to subdue your partner in your pleasure room. It is safe and made of high-quality material. The handle is comfortable, and the threads are smooth to the touch.

The design of this whip is excellent, and it is classy, elegant, and gorgeous. You can be sure that watching the long threads land on your submissive’s body will be enchanting and arousing. With this whip, you can expect that things will be hotter than hottest in the bedroom. Therefore, wait no more and buy whip online today via PrivyPleasures.

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