Black Fishnet Stocking with Lace Top

Nothing is as good as Fishnet Stockings to show off Women's Sexy Legs! The sensuality that Fish Net Stocking lends to the wearer is sure to make a man’s heart skip a beat. The peekaboo look that the Fish Net Socks design gives the ladies an edgy look while still being unbelievably sexy, topped off by fabulously floral lace wrapping around your thighs. Buy from various women's hosiery products like Socks, Leggings and tights on sale for online shopping in India

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Material: Acrylic+ Spandex
Size: Free size
Colour: Black
Item Code: PLPC 7916-2

Rs 399
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There is something about women's fish net stockings that sets a man’s pulse racing! Whether it’s the obvious sexiness of these leggings or the underlying message of a daring girl, fishnet Leggings has been a powerful seduction tool for most women for ages! And these black industrial fish net stocking give you the chance to channel some of that raw sex appeal and power!

Made of acrylic and spandex, these black thigh high Socks are a great way to emphasize your gorgeous shapely legs and leave your man wanting more! What’s more is, unlike the usual plain net stockings, this pair is topped with a ruffle of lace ribbon, to add some feminine charm to these thigh-high Socks!

Whether you pair them with a regular everyday ensemble for some added edge, or you’re planning to become a total sex kitten with a Risqué Outfit, these industrial net stockings are a must-have in your closet! What's more, Now you can Buy Fishnets Online in India from the comfort of your bedroom at

Buy Fishnet Stockings Online in India

Every guy has a sexual fantasy, and some are very subtle and indirect than others. One such fantasy is sexy lace stocking. Some men won't be turned on when they see women wearing a Sexy Bikini or sometimes fully naked, but a fish net stocking would cause him instant attention and make him ravage his lady.

If you are a lady looking for Sexy Fishnet Stockings, then PrivyPleasures is the place where you can find them. We have high-quality and well-crafted fish net stockings that do not wear off easily and make you look like an actual catch. So even when you are the catch, sometimes it is necessary that you make your man realize this for his by literally showing yourself as one. Even if your man wants to see you like that dirty teaser with a twisted sense of arousing him, ten years down the road, you can be sure that these net stocking will still be around. If you are searching for fishnet leggings online, there is no other store but

Dolly 23/04/2015


Looks great for parties

Mahjabin 10/04/2015

Fishnet Stocking

I pair it with mini dress and also with gowns,.Itgives a very rich look

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