Mens Thong Underwear - Black

Romantic male deserve an overwhelming seductive wear in the bedroom to seduce their princess. The appealing Black Thong for Men with minimal high quality fabric gives you the extravagantly sexy avatar that is tough to resist. For superior skin-care, the blend of PU and Acrylic fabrics has been used and the revealing nature of the Underwear thong holds your lady for a long while.

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Size : Free Size
Material : Acrylic+PU
Color : Black
Item No : PLPC 7420-2

Rs 399
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Are you interested in a role reversal for your woman? How about going for a Sexy Male Thong?

Women have been stripping and erotic dancing for their guys for a long time. And they still do. There is nothing more teasing than having your women dancing half naked and tantalizing you with her body. However, reversing roles in the bedroom has become quite common nowadays. Now guys are doing the same for their women.

This role reversal is a sexy new way of adding spice and heat to couple's bedroom lives. So what exactly is a role reversal? It is when you strip and do erotic dancing for your girl.

Wearing a Sexy Mens Thong is one of the most common ways to tease your girl and be naughty to her before getting to the climax. Here is how it works. After you wear a Men’s Thong Underwear, you can create the atmosphere by dimming the lights, playing erotic tunes, setting the aroma and then dancing to the tunes of some erotic club music, making your girl wetter and wetter with each passing minute.

However, it’s not just your bedroom where you can use it. You can use it in so many places, especially on some topless beach, where you can show your ripped body to your girl and also enjoy attention from other chicks moving around. A Hot Mens Thongs can do a lot more for keeping your woman stick to you for a long time.

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Simi S 24/05/2016


Nice outfit.

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