Long High Side Slits Cutout Maxi Dress

Black is a mystical color and the fact is not anymore hidden to anyone. Check out our latest long maxi dress with high slits on both sides and open near the waistline. Men find black dresses irresistible and if the outfit is a long maxi dress with revealing sexy side slits on both sides then the desire to make love increases exponentially. This sleeveless dress is made of stretchy Polyester fabric purchased from trusted sippliers. Try this awesome maxi dress and meet the real you.

Size : Free Size
Material : Polyester + Spandex
Item Code : PLPC 6528-2

Rs 1,625
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Many people think about grandmas when they hear the name ‘maxi’ dress but one look at this gorgeous maxi dress with high slits on both sides you will not think twice about it. This is a gorgeous dress that will speak volumes about your femininity. If you are looking for a dress that screams elegance, then this is the dress for you. If you want a dress that exposes everything sexy about your body, then this is the perfect dress for that. Now, you can buy this Long Maxi dress online in India by visiting PrivyPleasures.

PrivyPleasures is your one-stop shop where you can easily and conveniently buy this sexy long dress with high slits on both sides. The black color shows elegance and sophistication. Other than these, it is also known to be mystical. The design is also very creative and stylish. With the cutouts near the waist and how wonderfully the upper part embraces your body, any man will be enchanted the moment you walk in a room. The luckiest man will be your lover. You can buy maxi dress online in India and surprise your man on your night out with him or a romantic date. You can be sure that your sexiness will torture him throughout but in a good way. He will desire to have you all to himself.

This sexy black maxi dress is made from polyester fabric, and it is stretchy thus very comfortable. Being a sleeveless dress, it also ensures that you show off your perfectly toned arms and accentuates them wonderfully. You know that every woman’s wardrobe should never miss a short black dress. It must also have a long sexy black maxi dress. Therefore, you can purchase this maxi dress online India via PrivyPleasures and enjoy how beautiful it looks on your body. With it, you can be sure that your date will be full of compliments.

Pratibha 21/04/2015


After wearing this dress I feel very confident.

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