Fling Thong Bikini - White

What are you revealing and how much are you revealing are the two essential questions that decide the amount of pleasure in your bedroom during an amorous date. Choose the lingerie having a perfect balance between its color, design and length. The white bikini thong made of rich swimming fabric will provide your bottom a ‘happy look’. Not only the design is great but also price is.

Size : Free Size
Material : Swimming Fabrics
Color : White
Item Code : PLPC 4109-1

Rs 750
Coming Soon

A woman wants her man’s attention round the clock and the new bikini product made with swimming fabric for extra comfort will do the same at an attractive price. The white color will introduce love, patience and caring in your relationship. The magnificence of a lady with any complexion wearing sexy white lingerie can’t be overlooked. The double string panty will provide the required sensuous shape to your butt and the sexy cut will make your bosoms look great.  

Sarla K 15/12/2017

wow in white

This white bikini set is perfect when you want to loot your sexiest. It made my butt look perkier. The bikini top does a great job in making my small boobs look bigger. Beautiful material for such a good price. Product arrived 48 hours after placing the order.

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