Bias-cut Transparent Nightgown

The long appealing Black Brand gown is enough to give you a supermodel like appearance. You can turn into a true seductress wearing this amazing nightgown which partially cut near the bust and thigh parts. The partial transparency of the gown is the true key to seduction. This Polyester gown is available for all sizes at a pretty attractive cost.

Size : Free Size
Material : 95% Polyester + 5% Elastane
Weight About : 0.2 KG
Item No : PLPC 6125

Rs 1,149
Coming Soon

Transparent Nightgowns for Indian Women

Do you think you can look sexier in bed, before going between the sheets? How about going for transparent nightgowns? 

As a woman, you should know very well that men are very visual creatures and the more you show, the more they are going to salivate after you. Especially, if you want to keep the interest of your man going, it is necessary for you to maintain yourself and not bloat like a basic chick. However, it does not end here. You need to keep your man running behind you so that he shafts you nice and hard from time to time. 

Even if you are married and especially if you are married on the same day, you cannot go without making your consummation night without some sexy wear. This is where you need nightgowns for the honeymoon that will set your bedroom on fire. Yes, we know you are bored of those prudish old boring nightgowns that just freeze up all the passion and work as a wet blanket on fire. 

Transparent nightgowns for women work as a spark in a heated environment. Our nightgown is unlike any other. They almost show everything. They do a good job of not hiding anything. However, what makes them so sizzling and highly sex charged is the thin veneer of the wear material that acts as a shadow on your sexy body, giving a hint of what’s yet to come, while not showing everything at the same time. It is like giving a peek into what is yet to come. 

Do you know what is even better about this nightgown? You can keep wearing this sexy nightgown for several years to come, to keep the engine of your marriage hot and running. Only on, you can find such erotic wear in India.

Somnath P 30/11/2018

Bias-cut transparent nightgown

Rab or pink cloer

Sheela 06/02/2016

Transparent Gown

It is awesome

trishna 04/05/2015

transparent gown

wow, awsum transparent gown

thhb 21/03/2015

one pes

one pes

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