Clover Nipple Clamps

This Clover metal clamp along with a metal chain will help in wild and hardcore sex. Japanese clover Nipple clamp with a chain hanging down will give a cold touch that will help in a more intimate sex filled with pleasure and enthusiasm. This clover nipple clamps are easy to use and are strong in touch without hurting your delicate body parts.

Material : Metal
Item Code : PP 1455

Rs 899
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Clover Nipple Clamps Shopping in India

Trying out some new BDSM activities? Add these hardcore nipple clamps to your collection and make your sexual experience even more pleasurable. The nipple clams will make the perfect gift for your submissive. If you are just exploring the BDSM and bondage sex and want to get to the next level, this nipple clamp jewelry is the perfect choice for you. Use this in the foreplay and blow your partner's mind. These nipple clamps can be used in men and women. These make the perfect gift for your partner on a special occasion.

A nipple clamp is a small clamp that is used on the nipples of a woman or man during bondage and BDMS sex. The nipples are a very sensitive area of a person body and playing with them can bring intense pleasure. This silver nipple clit clamp acts as a nipple as well as a clitoral clamp also. Hence you can now use this on your partners clitoral to stimulate them. Clitoral is also one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.

This multipurpose nipple clamp is made of clover metal that is suitable for all the skin types. Since the nipples and the clitoral are some very sensitive areas of the body, special care is taken in designing these nipple clamps. You can use these along with the other BDSM accessories in your wild bondage adventures.

Buy clover nipple clamps India at affordable rates on You can select from the vast range of BDSM and bondage products along with the other Lingerie and sex accessories and order them with just a click. The delivery is available for all the places in India. Some areas are also eligible for the next day delivery. You can even gift wrap these clover nipple clamps India and get them delivered to your loved one for free.

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