Closet Cuffs - Over the Door Cuffs

Spice up your nights with this sexy pair of black over the door cuffs that are specially designed to lock up your lover and let out your wild desires. The adjustable straps and easy assembling lets you add your own touch to the sexual paradise in your bedroom. Cuff your partner over the door and shut the door to discover new ways to pleasure each other. - Fits All Door

Brand : Lux Fetish
Colour : Black
Item Code : PLPF 1324

Rs 2,975
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• Features 4-piece set including cuffs and door harness
• Luxury cuffs are adjustable and can fit most sizes
• Includes anchors that secure restraints on any size door
• Perfect for playful couples, mild BDSM
• Made of durable materials
• Adjustable velcro closure offers secure grip, yet is easy to remove

Enjoy the heat of the moment, the lust and the desire while being restrained with these luxury closet cuffs. They're ultra comfortable and sexy — suitable for use over any door, may it be your closet or otherwise. The Closet Cuffs are absolutely perfect for couples who just want to experience light to moderate BDSM and serves as an excellent kinky tool for the experts too. Everyone loves to be passionately pinned to the door as you enter the bedroom, held tightly while getting the most of each other. Make that experience even hotter with these luxury cuffs. Imagine the same kinky scenario but your partner’s hands are free to discover every inch of you as you enjoy even more carnal goodness. These cuffs are made from the most comfortable materials, are suitable for different types of doors and can be worn for a longer period of time.

Mangesh K 22/12/2017


i lock wife to door like this. so sexy night we had.
luv product but little expensive.

Unknown 27/08/2016

Closet cuffs

This is really fun and naughty

Fahim 10/08/2015


It is good

Debarsh 21/05/2015

notty nights

perfect to notty nights

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