Door Slam Sex Swing

Add some oomph to your doorway and sex life with this Sex Swing! Thrill your partner by swinging into angles that will drive you both insane with pleasure and make you crave for some ‘swinging’ all night long. Follow the simple instructions and turn your doorway into your favourite sexy spot with this versatile black Love Swing.

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Brand: Lux Fetish
Item Code: PLPF 1462

Rs 4,450
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• Easy to assemble and can turn any door to an adjustable love swing
• Perfect for fetish play and BDSM
• Stronghold, durable and easy to clean
• Securely supports users of all sizes
• Comfortable
• Discover new positions for better sex

Shut the door and don't let anyone disturb you, or better yet, make that door a love swing. Discover the hidden uses of doors that can be converted to a love swing using this Door Slam Love Swing. Versatile, naughty and perfect for different types of fetish play that both of you will love. Allow your partner to penetrate you with ease, let them taste you and just let them do everything that you want them to do to you. This Door Slam Love Swing allows you to lift the weight off and at the same time adjust the weight you want so penetration can feel different every time. In minutes, your door can be a love swing that will bring your sex acts to new heights. It’s fully adjustable and can easily be set up within minutes. This is perfect for couples who love kinky erotic play.

Buy Sex Swing Online in India - Door Love Swing

Making your sex life exciting is something where you have to be innovative and merely going to a BDSM is not an effective sexual strategy. This is why we have something called a Sex Swings which adds into your sexual arousal process by putting you in a place of maximum pleasure. The main purpose of this Sex Accessory is sexy swinging, which is one of the most sexually arousing exercises like pole dance or erotic dancing. This is a relatively new way of creating sexual arousal, and this helps you to deepen your sexual fantasies during foreplay.

If you want to buy sex swing in India, you can buy it here on PrivyPleasures as we bring you the most mind-blowing and crazy sex swings that make you go mad at each other. If you think shower sex, BDSM, Role Play in Bed and other such methods have become old, you can always go for swing sex. It adds a dimension of fun and excitement into your sexual routine.

So how does having a swing for sex work? Well, all you have to do is to use your doorway as an attachment place for your swing and turn it into your new sex spot. Once you have fixed the thing in the doorway, now you can use it before or during your foreplay. When your lady swings on the swing, wearing those Transparent Nightgowns or fishnet leggings, it creates an erotic effect in your room with the swinging being openly sexual.

Purchase this Sex Swing Online from PrivyPleasures, where we assure you that you are going to enjoy every moment of your swinging sex sessions.

Diya 22/08/2015

Very sexy

Very sexy

Ranjan 26/05/2015

Thank you PrivyPleasure

Thank you PrivyPleasure for the pleasures you come up with

Mr G 02/05/2015


cant explain the pleasure in words

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